Are your joint pains creating too much trouble for you? Well, in our busy lives, often we fail to give much attention to our own body needs. Our neglect towards little issues like joint pains or muscle aches lets the issue grow gradually to such an extent that it becomes intolerable. So wondering what is the best solution to get rid of your pain? Try the all new health pro massager, it comes with reusable butterfly pad that will help target areas quicker with a easy to use design.  It can be used on your shoulders, lower back, and even on your knees.

How it works?

The butterfly pads is made in such a way that it could be used with the healthpro massager and most other tens units on the market. It is made out of non-woven material, which is medically tested. It’s placement on your knees, rotator cuff or sciatic nerve gives you perfect solution for those hard to reach areas and achieve the ultimate massage experience.

Best features:

Reusable- The butterfly pad can be used more than one time, which gives you the opportunity to save money.

Durable- The pads are made out of good quality materials which give it a strong durable character. Which means it will not be damaged soon.

Up to 150- 200 applications- One pad can be used up to 150-200 times which is quite a number and can go on for months.

Washable- You can even wash them by wiping them off with an anti-bacterial wipe (Wet One)

Self adhesive electrodes- The self adhesive electrodes help in stimulating your muscles and nerve. It doesn’t require any gel or cream to get better results.

FDA approved- The approval from the prestigious body of FDA makes it even more trustworthy.

If you are out of time to visit a massage therapist or a professional physical therapist, buy yourself a massager which can help you get relief from the pain sitting right at home. The replacement butterfly pad can be used for a long time and is easily compatible with the healthpro massager and many other tens units.