Muscle pains often make it difficult for us to be on our A-game when it comes to doing our daily routine or office tasks. While many opt to drink pain relievers, the chemical content can cause serious complications in the body. Those who don’t want to drink pain relievers opt to go for traditional methods like a warm compress.  It’s effectiveness is tested and proven, but the downside is, it takes a while for the results to be seen and felt.

Fortunately, a safe and effective alternative pain remedy is now available on the market. Introducing the HealthPro Massager, the drug-free pain reliever that also helps improve muscle performance. We offer a variety of products that can be used to relieve pain and improve blood circulation without any medication. Our product doubles as both a TENS and EMS functionality that can be used to provide temporary relief from aching and soreness of the muscles that are located in the legs, neck, waist, back, shoulders, and arms in an instant. The combination of massage and electricity on these products release stress and strain in the muscles caused by too much physical activity or stress. The technology behind these pain relief TENS units have been around for more than three decades and have been used by chiropractors and physical therapists all over the United States.

These TENS Units are also portable and easy to use. Just place the electrodes on the area that is in pain, and adjust the duration, mode, or intensity of the treatment. These TENS units are also lightweight, rechargeable, and come with an LCD display with back light.

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