A number of therapies and treatment are now being introduced to cure pain. One of the most prominent amongst the queue is TENS unit therapy. This term is becoming popular mostly because it gives you the freedom to sit and relax at home, without running hither thither to find a cure for your pain. The innovation of this effective device has got a wave of positive response from its customers so if you are in acute pain, get yourself a tens unit machine and see the wonder yourself.

What is a tens unit?

The full form of tens is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation which basically helps in treating nerve related problems, mostly acute pain. The device works by sending the pulse in and around the area where the pain is experienced, the stimulation then treats the nerve or muscles to loosen up and give you relief from the pain. To feel the pain, our brain receive some stimulation from the nerves, what the stimulation of tens device does is it blocks the message to reach the brain which automatically let you get rid of pain by not actually feeling it. Additionally it helps to develop natural painkillers in the body itself which fights against the problem that exist in a body.

How does it work?

Tens unit devices have inbuilt adjustable settings which allows the user to control intensity of current and the duration of pulse. This way one can easily keep track on the current flow and stimulation received in the body. Electrodes are placed at the area where a person feels the pain, by switching on the device, current will start flowing through this electrodes and flow into the affected area giving a massage sensation in that particular area. This drug free alternative is approved by the food and drug administration labeling it as an effective device for pain management. If the device is used properly as directed in the manual it can give you freedom from pain and let you live a better healthy life.

What benefits do you get from tens unit?

Pain relief- TENS unit devices can give you relief from many pain related problems, like if you are suffering from back pain, or went through a surgery that didn’t went well, spine injuries. All this problems can be cured by regular application of nerve stimulation.

Improved functioning of muscle- With regular usage the muscle soreness could be reduced along with treating other related problems like rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis. Especially athlete tend to have tissue injuries or muscle scrapes, in that case, tens unit device can really work wonder at times.

Increase blood circulation- Continuous stimulation leads to an increase in the blood circulation which is a very good health sign. Increased circulation of blood will give good immunity to fight against varied illness along with making the body physically and internally strong.

Less use of drugs- TENS unit is a completely drug free product and by using this on a regular basis you may observe a potential decrease in experiencing pain. Thus it lets you to stay away consuming pain killer which are very harmful for body if taken regularly.